The beginning of the transtelephonic electrocardiography goes back for more than 2 decades, but itīs now, for first time, thanks to the study of heart deseases and cardiac pathology, CardioPhone can present a confortable, economic and reliable system that can help to make diagnosis competing with the big, traditional, expensive and conventional electrocardiography equipment.

CardioPhone Electrocardiograma Transtelefónico España, S.L.Our professional team, that has yaers of experience in cardiology, does tests taking our equipment to extreme situations to check they have good answers and checking that these work well with background noise or even through telephonic ocean line.

The wide posibilities that telemedicine offers you can only be fuly used if we reley on last generation equipment that joins it with such a simplicity that the patient would be able to take the measurements without any help.

CardioPhone Electrocardiograma Transtelefónico España, S.L.In CardioPhone we research and develope to make this ideal a reality and allow the medicals proffesionals to consult in just an instant a colleague which is far away from this place or to recieve electrocardiogram of his patient without having to move to their patients house.

This way the inicial inversion stays quickly redempt by achieving a better exploit materials and human resources at once that make better the assistence and the life quality of the patient by the constant review and a reduccion to the consulting patients.

CardioPhone Electrocardiograma Transtelefónico Espaņa, S.L.